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NetMinistry Web Presence Platform

What to Expect

This phone call allows our staff to synchronize with you and provide you with answers, explanations, and an overview of our process.
When we need information and materials before delivering the services you ordered, those are known as requirements. Learn more about requirements and how to submit them properly.
Whenever you submit everything we need in order to deliver a service, there is a 1-5 business day turnaround time for the work. Learn more about why and how to minimize delays in your project.
Your first design draft is an educated shot in the dark. There are almost always changes to be made in order to make it exactly what you want. Learn more about your initial design draft and what to do once you receive it.
Our processes for revising the work we do for you is designed to be streamlined, skipping complicated explanations and cutting right to help you provide the information we need to make those revisions for you.
We provide you with an easy way to send work back that still needs refining or changes. Using our rejection process, you can easily reject work and provide us with the information we need to make adjustments.
Once you approve work, it is immediately published if it is a component of your website or delivered if it is a graphic design project or logo. Learn more about that process.
Sometimes, even the best laid plans change. When that happens, communication and regrouping is absolutely critical for your project. Learn how to effectively communicate major changes in direction.
When you want to speak with someone about your project, help is just a few mouse clicks away. Count on scheduling a call as opposed to calling in and requesting an impromptu discussion. This way, our staff can make the dedicated time for your needs and provide quality service.
When you don't know what to do to move your project to the next step, or you are confused about the status of your project, finding out is fast and simple. Take these basic steps to clarify and move forward.
It's important to note that billing for services usually begins in the second month of service, regardless of the status of your website. Learn more about this policy and why we charge for services even before your website is completely finished.
Timelines are affected by several factors including responsiveness, clarity, and exactly what is submitted to us. Expectations are met when we properly synchronize as client and vendor, working together for a common, understood outcome.

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