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NetMinistry Web Presence Platform

E-Commerce Manager

Learn about how to configure, install, and customize your DonorPanel - a secure, easy-to-use tool to provide your donors with a self-serve environment for one-time and recurring giving.
Everything that your website does involving financial transactions is organized and tracked through our E-Commerce Manager. Whether you're running an online store or taking secure online donations, our platform centralizes your transactions and provides you with real-time orders, shipping, and payment processing.
This document will show users how to create and access the settings within a storefront.
Learn how to add a product to your store as well as what the settings are actually for.
Learn about how to update the products in your storefronts.
This document contains the steps for the successful installation of a storefront on your website.
Create and customize the shipping settings for your store to automatically determine shipping costs based on the product's weight, price or using real-time shipping rates through USPS or UPS.

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